Company events

We enjoy our role in preparing the event, drafting the script, participating in the stage design and event programming. Starting from digital invitations, through on-site registration to content and entertainment production and all necessary technologies. We call this turn-key events. Our solutions will engage and entertain people, making the event an impressive and positive experience for them.

Solution specifics

EasyEvent is a comprehensive solution for modern events combining the benefits of on-line event management software and mobile applications with interactive functionality for both participants and speakers.
The use of EasyEvent will speed up preparation and organization of an event, engage participants in the course of the event and provide feedback. A single hostess attends to at least five conference participants per minute through on-site registration, including the printing of badges!
This and many other things will help you ensure smooth running of the event.
Applications for registration
We coordinate the event with you
Projection mapping

Applications for registration

EasyEvent is a modern system for managing conferences, congresses and corporate events. It is a comprehensive solution that includes the creation of a graphically attractive and content microsite including registration management, electronic distribution of tickets with QR codes and, last but not least, a mobile application with comprehensive information and interactive features that will non-equally engage participants during the event. Thanks to the mobile application, you will have all the necessary information at hand.

We coordinate the event with you

We will be happy to help you coordinate your event or make Turn-key events included the production part. We will invent everything from decoration to directing.

Projection mapping

Have you ever seen videos projected on buildings? That’s exactly what we do! But we use not only buildings, but also of a host of other objects such as cars, watch mockups or human faces.

We can devise both outdoor and indoor mapping concepts, as well as mapping to any type of your product.

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Sports events

A state-of-the-art LED display for a sports arena or a fanzone? A light show or an opening ceremony of a sporting event? We can provide all of that thanks to our visual display technologies, lights and sound systems you might be familiar with from NHL broadcasts.
We supply our leading technologies not only to local sporting events, but also to international events held in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

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Festivals and other fun events

We organize broadcasts from festival concerts. Our focus is on the best possible visual and audio experience. We specialize in video and LED display technologies. We also closely cooperate with directors on drafting a script.

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Congresses and conferences

We suggest and control AV technologies. We are very much involved in the event content by using our own project managers.

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Public and state conventions

We take state-level events seriously not only with respect to the quality of all supplied technologies and skilled technical personnel, but also with respect to maximum use of modern communication devices ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

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