Sports events

A state-of-the-art LED display for a sports arena or a fanzone? A light show or an opening ceremony of a sporting event? We can provide all of that thanks to our visual display technologies, lights and sound systems you might be familiar with from NHL broadcasts.
We supply our leading technologies not only to local sporting events, but also to international events held in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Solution specifics

We can engage the audience at your events to share photos and videos from the event on social media. The only thing they need is a mobile phone and they can become part of the programme. Together with a unique entertainment programme for fans we can also prepare tailor-made presentations of your partners.
Technical support
We help sponsors with visualization
Involvement of participants

Technical support

We are the only company in the Czech Republic with a large number of LED technologies as well as unique display wraps which we used for example during the floorball Superfinals at the O2 arena.

We help sponsors with visualization

Mobile LED technologies

Mobile projection carts are very easy to install. We will set them up for you in 30 minutes, wherever you wish, because they do not need to be connected to a power supply due to a built-in power generator. The carts do not take up too much space, they are stand-alone and do not need anchoring.

A LED container

We will deliver a giant 8x5-meter screen, set it up and get it ready for projection within 30 minutes, anywhere you want. Moreover, we can brand the container according to your wishes. A great choice for sporting broadcasts or urban festivities and events.

Involvement of participants

We can get the participants engaged in projection mapping events. For example, by letting them design their own projection or decide what will be projected.

We know how to encourage visitors to attend a projection mapping event and how to make them enjoy it. We will be more than happy to show you how to do it.


Get the people involved and let them create the content for your event. We can collect and filter photos or posts and display them live in real-time on large screens during a sporting event, conference or concert.

YVENT#tag will help you boost the activity of your fans on social media, and thus many more people will learn about your event. Once the event is over, we will deliver usage statistics including the response on social media.

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Company events

We enjoy our role in preparing the event, drafting the script, participating in the stage design and event programming. Starting from digital invitations, through on-site registration to content and entertainment production and all necessary technologies. We call this turn-key events. Our solutions will engage and entertain people, making the event an impressive and positive experience for them.

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Festivals and other fun events

We organize broadcasts from festival concerts. Our focus is on the best possible visual and audio experience. We specialize in video and LED display technologies. We also closely cooperate with directors on drafting a script.

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Congresses and conferences

We suggest and control AV technologies. We are very much involved in the event content by using our own project managers.

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Public and state conventions

We take state-level events seriously not only with respect to the quality of all supplied technologies and skilled technical personnel, but also with respect to maximum use of modern communication devices ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

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